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Imagine a life in which you can be totally yourself, being able to take full responsibility and the willingness to do so. 


My name is Karin Walda, born in 1965 in Amsterdam
and at the moment I live in Friesland (the Northern 
part of Holland).

I'm the founder of the TLCC-methoda therapist, seener, medium, healer, (awareness) coach, inspirator & motivator, speaker, teacher, trainer and I give workshops. 

I have overcome fibromyalgia , asthmatic bronchitis, pregnancy psychosis and many more health/emotional issues with my method (TLCC).

I work in a very new way, I connect your body with 
the soul using the bridge of emotions. Every disease
is a warning that your body is telling you something 
about the way you tread yourself and everything that
your body tells you, is connected to your emotions. 
When your emotions change, that is the way you treat 
yourself, your body starts to heal and change the energy.

All diseases and blockages are a sign to warn you that you are mistreating yourself, so if you are aware of them, you can change what is needed in your life and there will be no need for your body to complain anymore.

To do my work I use everything: I connect with your body and soul, listen to your (body)language, the things you say, what you don’t say, the colours you wear, the way you act and look, the way you react on situations and many more things. 
I also get my information from my guides … I work in a very playful way, because your inner child is your power and one of the aims is to recover the feeling that life is not heavy, life is not the trouble which the mind and thoughts create. And still I take everything you say, feel and do very seriously.

It’s all about start playing and seeing the joy of everything and let you see that in life you get lessons to make you grow as a person and feed your soul. This way, you can see the universe is helping you to develop yourself and you can be much more enthusiastic and motivated. In every situation there is something positive and I will show and learn you what that positivity will do for you and learn you how to 
see the positive things in every situation. The more positive energy is in your body and life, the better it will be. Your body will start its healing process when the vibration is on the level of positivity (that’s a high vibration).

I inspire you to meet yourself, you are not the person who you "know" you are, with all the rules and experiences that you have already encountered. That is not who you are inside.

I inspire you to use the bridge of emotions to combine body and soul, make you feel a complete person and reach your inner source of power so you can live your life with pure joy.

I work in a very direct way because I work with unconditional love. So I won’t give you what you want. I will give you what you need and sometimes that can be confronting, but it’s always with the intention to help you further in life and with the most pure energy you can imagine. I will show you the things you don’t see about yourself (yet): the blind spots in the behaviour towards yourself.

And I have the information about the Snenergy (transmutated victimenergy). That's the mean reason why I'm here on earth... to bring this unique information to the people. You can read more about it here

If you are interested in getting a healing/coach session with me please fill out the applicationform or contact me on Facebook.

I also give lectures and workshops. In these talks and workshops I will explain to you all about the TLCC-method, give direct and spontaneous experiences and you will be able to ask me anything, so probably you will already receive a healing and inspiration for your life.❤️

It's also possible to have a coachsession on Skype / Facebook videochat. 

Lots of Love, Karin Walda ❤️

A session of 2 hours : € 155 

Time of the session : 2 hours

Time of the elaboration of the session: your whole life ❤️

**Do you want me to give sessions, workshops or lectures in your area/country, fill in the contact form and we can see what is possible.❤️


Do you want to: 

  • make your own choices?
  • learn more about your emotions and how to handle them?
  • learn/dare to be yourself?
  • have a healthy body?
  • express yourself well?
  • have more self-esteem?
  • enlarge your awareness?
  • develop yourself?
  • feel more comfortable in your own body?
  • discover and learn about your own boundaries?
  • experience (more) self-love?
  • communicate better?
  • enlarge your freedom?
  • bring more positivity into your life?

In short:

Do you want to discover your own true self and live your own life? 

Than the TLCC-method is a great tool for you ❤️

Make an appointment today for a session (online with Zoom or Facebook video chat is also possible!)